Whoo we are

I am Mexican/Japanese/Spanish-Mayan mom, a wife, a coupon user/haunter, vegetable garden beginner, breastfeeding advocate, cloth diaper addicted, enjoy sewing all I can, crafting is another of my not so often passions, cooking is a family passion, online shopper and so many other things that will come up eventually. He is a Filipino/Chinese born in Germany All American Southern guy, wrestler lover, a husband, a daddy, an XBox fanatic, gamer by nature and awesome with numbers. We are writing this blog because we want to share all the many highs and some lows that this crazy life brings when you go from 2 to 3!!

Family life and more Love

Family is I believe one of my top priorities. Family will always be there, we like it or not! Family is an investment, is the best garden to work on. With hard work and love you can harvest beautiful moments, cherish people and learn so many Christlike attributes!
 My Family is my everything, my parents taught me that nothing is lost until you give up on a family member. I believe that Families are Forever and I strive to make mine last for all time and Eternity!

Of course is not easy! if it was easy it wont be so important and priceless. Some times is easier than others, but I have learn in my Marriage that the difficult times are just opportunities to count our blessings and cherish each other.

Life is short and time is precious, we set the bar very high when it comes to Family time. Only we can make every moment count and live it as if is the last one.
We know that we can be all together forever if we work hard in this life and we do what is right.

I love very much my Husband and sweet Son
and I am very grateful to have the Parents, siblings, my husband's family and very close friends that are like family members, to remind us why families are the best social network! Society will be nothing without it! 

Hope & Pray that you can remember everyday that people that brings smiles to your life, even if they are not with you anymore.

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