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I am Mexican/Japanese/Spanish-Mayan mom, a wife, a coupon user/haunter, vegetable garden beginner, breastfeeding advocate, cloth diaper addicted, enjoy sewing all I can, crafting is another of my not so often passions, cooking is a family passion, online shopper and so many other things that will come up eventually. He is a Filipino/Chinese born in Germany All American Southern guy, wrestler lover, a husband, a daddy, an XBox fanatic, gamer by nature and awesome with numbers. We are writing this blog because we want to share all the many highs and some lows that this crazy life brings when you go from 2 to 3!!

Parenting, Books and why nots

I have been trying to read more about all the silly and very interesting behavior of my sweet child. I always read a lot about pregnancy and labor and delivery and I was very prepared.... but I forgot to be prepared to be a Mom and worst.. I forgot to prepare my dear husband too!! 
I thought we were set with how to raised our kids, we said that we were gonna have our baby co-sleeping with us in the room just for 1 month  ( strike one), we said that we were not gonna allow  our child to sleep with us.. EVER ( strike two) and that we were gonna allow him to cry to sleep ( strike three.. well you know who wins)
Now I am trying to read and learn, more, I want to implement a few things that my parents did with us and some I really don't . We are very against the cry-it-out Method, we tried! I promise we did and  even my parents that kept telling me: " just let him cry and check on him, cry and check on him, he is fine" I knew they didn't understand that my child was not just crying. I already can tell that my sweet son is very temperamental, he goes from crying... to rage to screams, to yelling! So just to show them what we were talking about I decided to call them on Skype and show them what was going on. THEY WERE SHOCKED!! Since that day they don't ask me about how he is doing when he is going to bed. 
He has a whole ritual that he likes to go to bed,  He takes a bath or shower, he sings Twinkle twinkle little start in English and Japanese. then he nurses and goes to sleep. If for some reason we were out and he fell asleep in the car and we try to put him in bed and forget about the bad, we pay a high price, he will wake up and then be awake for 2 more hours!  So we never skip the bath!

 I am reading the Book "The no-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle ways to Help your baby sleep through the Night" by Elizabeth Pantley and Williams Sears. And I have to say that I feel relieved to see that is always a better way, a more loving way to help my baby go through all this growing process. I just keep telling my Son that I am new at this too. 
 Is been a hard long process but now that JJ is 10 1/2 months he sleeps 9pm-6am and wakes up once to nurse and I feel happy for that, I don't feel necessary to make my child go 12 hours without eating... I CAN'T GO 10 HOURS WITHOUT EATING and I can't even think in letting my baby go 12 hours with an empty stomach.

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