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I am Mexican/Japanese/Spanish-Mayan mom, a wife, a coupon user/haunter, vegetable garden beginner, breastfeeding advocate, cloth diaper addicted, enjoy sewing all I can, crafting is another of my not so often passions, cooking is a family passion, online shopper and so many other things that will come up eventually. He is a Filipino/Chinese born in Germany All American Southern guy, wrestler lover, a husband, a daddy, an XBox fanatic, gamer by nature and awesome with numbers. We are writing this blog because we want to share all the many highs and some lows that this crazy life brings when you go from 2 to 3!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011


 One night, while going through the many coupon websites that visit, I started to think and pray in my heart for another way to help our family save money and be happy at the same time.... and the same thought that came to me while I was pregnant with Jerico came again... "CLOTH DIAPERS"!! So I decided to check out some websites and I saw that the very next day was gonna take place "The Great cloth Diaper Change. and in that very moment I started to look for a place locally where I could go and be part of this great movement. I Started to get some gDiapers while I was pregnant, so when JJ was born he was using this cloth diapers but when I ended up by myself with a new born and a house moving situation I totally fell apart and went for disposables. but that night when I read about the great cloth diaper change I decided to go back, I have some pocket diapers that I purchase from a friend and my gdiapers. So at 9 months old my sweet boy returned to the comfort and glory of cloth diapers!!! I found this pretty boutique A Nurturing Moment near my home that was gonna be able to host and be part of the change, in that moment I signed up and started to get so excited.
So the next morning I got ready and my baby to go and be part of this event!! I was so happy to be able to be with other cloth diapering moms!! IT WAS AMAZING!! I forgot that the change was to a cloth diaper and I brought a disposable insert... so stupid of me! but thank goodness a friend from church was there and she lend me one of her inserts! and she explained to me that she make her own.... mmmm I started to think, for a moment I totally asked her to make mine, that I would pay for it.... but then, My Sweet Hubby told me that I can do it... and guess what? HE WAS RIGHT!! so Sister Kaestner got me what I needed to make them and kinda explained me how to do it... I did it! and that day I got some GroVia Hybrid diaper shells... and now I am in total love!!! I am extremely happy to be back to cloth diapering!! I am just starting and we really can't afford much so i am doing laundry almost everyday, but is just the beginning, hopefully soon we will be able to get more shells so we can have more days without the laundry! I got 2 Kawaii and 1 bumgenious to try them and see if I like them... but I am very much in love with GroVia so we'll see!!

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