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Friday, May 20, 2011

10 wonderful months and a total change of life!!

Yes, today my sweet son is 10 months old... and I was just trying to think what I was doing a year ago and I really couldn't remember. Let me explain myself, I had a very rough time during my pregnancy, it was hard for me to enjoy it!! I got pregnant just when my Wonderful Hubby lost his job and was starting a new one!! we couldn't believe it!! after trying for a year we just decided to take a break and then is when the miracle happened.
I was 4 week and everything was ok, just tired, maybe dizzy and one night.... after eating a wonderful Cobb salad ( Bonefish was my fav restaurant for that salad... not anymore) I got very sick... nausea and vomit...OH NO!! my baby does not like salad! was my first thought but things changed after that night. I started to be more and more sick, I was to the point of not been able to eat without throwing up! I was in bed for almost 5 months and once and ended up in the hospital for dehydration. It was not my favorite time and I the harder I tried to bond with my baby the harder it got. But after all those months of losing weight and been in seclusion, I started to be ok... never as before, I was to scared to eat and then had to run to the bathroom to throw up!
I knew everything was gonna be ok, even thou I was so sick, I tried to eat some here and there, so my baby was fine and he was growing perfectly!! it was just me the one that was just bones!!
Now, after explaining all this I guess you can imaging why I really didn't have any idea of what I was doing a year ago, lol. I am so happy for my little boy, it helps me to always set high goals! to always reach for the best for us as a Family. Now I am more conscious of every decision that I have to take... PAPER OR PLASTIC?? CLOTH OR DISPOSABLE?? FORMULA OR BREAST MILK?? DRIVE OR WALK?? LOCAL OR IMPORTED??  they are so many decisions that can impact my child's ( children someday) life and future!! now we always tried to have our own "green bags" when we go shopping, we r using cloth diapers, we filter our water so we don't have to buy plastic bottles, this are just some actions that we are taking so we can offer not only a good life to our family but the opportunity to be able to enjoy the same things that we did and do!! 


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