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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Count your many blessings... even if you can't leave Home!

More than gracious is the fact that now I can not only find all the information I need and I don't need to take a book out of the shelf or walk to the library ( but I miss books some times), now I even can find the product, the info.... and compare stores, prices, shipping fees, sizes, etc!! 
Now that we are totally into cloth diapering ( no turn back now) we need to change some other things, in this case is the very necessary diaper rash cream. When I decided to go back to cloth diapers I knew was because is economic ( long run), way better for the environment and because it help with the potty training process ( PRICELESS!).

So, going back with the whole diaper rash cream, the very first one that little JJ used was a french brand that my parents brought from Mexico (yes, Mexico has a lot of foreign products) and he was doing fine with it, so we found it here in the States too so my sweet Hubby got more, but in between creams we got some other popular brands that have Zinc Oxide. We started to notice that he started to cry every time we were covering his tender bottom with any of this creams... SOMETHING HAS TO CHANGE.. AND FAST!! and this is how we get to this point.... WONDROUS Internet shopping!!
I looked in all this places where you know for sure you are gonna find baby products for the so soft baby bottom, I looked and looked and compared a LOT! and then I got to this site www.Alice.com and I have to say that I am in love!!! free shipping ALWAYS!! I love it and I want it to share it with y'all!! hope you enjoy the shopping like I do... even that sometimes is just window shopping... better that therapy!!


P.S. I bought it today and today was already shipped... AND FREE!! I will review the diaper balms and soon as I get them!!

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