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I am Mexican/Japanese/Spanish-Mayan mom, a wife, a coupon user/haunter, vegetable garden beginner, breastfeeding advocate, cloth diaper addicted, enjoy sewing all I can, crafting is another of my not so often passions, cooking is a family passion, online shopper and so many other things that will come up eventually. He is a Filipino/Chinese born in Germany All American Southern guy, wrestler lover, a husband, a daddy, an XBox fanatic, gamer by nature and awesome with numbers. We are writing this blog because we want to share all the many highs and some lows that this crazy life brings when you go from 2 to 3!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Update on shopping in Alice.com

WONDERFUL!! very satisfying, I got my product 2 days later ( don't forget was free shipping) and we have been using the balm and baby wipe companion from Homestead Baby and we like it a lot, no diaper rash anymore and my little one's bottom is more than healthy again!!  the aroma and texture of the balm is really good, I don't need to use a lot because it can be spread very easily!.
 hope you have the chance to buy/visit Alice.com and check for yourself how good it is!

Please let me know what do u think.

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